About PS

About PS

Oh, crap!  Here I go again struggling with what to say and saying it just right.  I’ve looked at a multitude of  pages on “How to do an About page,”  and they all tell me that the “About page is probably one of the most important pages on your blog.”  Also, the “experts” tell me I should let you, my readers, know what problems my blog might solve for you, or what you might gain from reading it.  Well, hell, I can’t answer that because I don’t know what your problems might be — Geez!  You might not even have any!  And, I don’t know what you are looking to gain from reading my blog because I don’t know what you might need or want.  So, just screw the expert advice!   I have spent too much of my life in that mode — listening to others and  trying to do it just right — and I am sick of it!  I will not do it any more!  Now, there’s something about me!

I simply want to write about my journey because I feel the need.   If something I write about strikes a chord with you — good or bad; makes you smile, laugh, cry, remember, think, curse; inspires you; motivates you; encourages you; or offends you that is all good and fine.  I will continue to honestly share with you my experiences on my journey as a pilgrim, a seeker, and possibly a heretic.  And, maybe you will share some of yours with me.  The “experts” tell me my blog is not about me, but about you the readers.  Well I am inclined to believe that since we are all on this journey, this pilgrimage, as we seek who and whatever we are  in this life and universe, as we yearn and seek to be connected with ourselves, one another, and our spiritual Higher Power (who or whatever that might be for you) that we share much in common — maybe not specifically, but generally.  This being said, many things about me are also about you and vice versa.  Here are some more specific random things About PS (me).

I would be delighted and honored to have you subscribe or follow my blog and join me/us on the journey if you are so inclined.    Enjoy YOUR journey!

Thanks a bunch!


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