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Hope you are finding the musings on this blog enjoyable.  It is my hope that they are thoughtful and thought provoking as well as humorous at times and drop dead serious at others.   My thoughts and thought processes can be (and are) at times odd, strange, insane, quirky, off the wall, and simply crazy.  I understand and expect reactions like “Is she crazy?”  “Where did that come from?” “Nuts!”      Perhaps, occasionally, something posted will elicit a response such as “That makes sense.”  “Never thought of that!”  “How true!”  “Wow!”   Who knows!  We  must  always be hopeful!

If you should have questions, comments, thoughts, feelings, raves, or rants that you would not be comfortable posting/sharing in the comment thread, please do not hesitate to contact me at


PS Heretic

  1. Loved the poem you posted. Hope you’ll check out my novel, The Door of the Heart. I think it would make an interesting story on your blog. I was called to make a difference (while sitting in my Presbyterian church) and subsequently wrote this novel. It brings gay issues home and helps those who are struggling with the intersection between LGBT issues and their Christian faith. Read some of my amazon reviews!

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