The Neighborhood Dress


As we observe the Winter Solstice take a minute to marvel at the glorious Fall we have enjoyed.

The Neighborhood Dress

The neighborhood dress — outrageous indeed!
So bold, so brilliant, so brash
Just hanging out there for all to see!
A palette of colors to delight every eye.
A rustle of textures one yearns to touch.
Smooth, glistening golds whisper in the breeze.
Seductive scarlets dazzle and dangle
Even dare to adorn the emerald floor.
A kaleidoscope of burgundy, green, yellow, orange,
And gold shimmer on every sleeve.
Oh, what outrageous neighborhood dress, indeed.
Now hurry, go marvel, be awed, soak it all in
Before she dons that dull, gray, drab winter coat!
                Brenda McWilliams (November 2018)

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